Please support our work!

The family of Wolfgang Jacobi is committed to making the composer’s works more widely known and to facilitating the rediscovery of the forgotten section of his œuvre. Several concerts have been organised, CDs released, scores published and a website established in pursuit of these aims.

In order to continue with this work, the family is seeking sponsors and partners for various projects:

In 2012 the town of Bergen on Rügen sponsored the fundamental re-development and modernisation of the
Jacobi website

Further sponsors are needed for work on the website. Should you decide to support this work, your name would appear here as patron and, if you wish, with your logo and link to your website.

Apart from that there are a whole series of other projects which can only be realised with financial support. Among these is a plan for the production of a CD with orchestral music by Jacobi. The concept has already been developed. There are soloists and a conductor willing to participate, also an orchestra – the financial question alone remains to be resolved. Patrons are urgently needed!

Financial support is also needed for concerts. Projects such as the performance of the fine Jacobi choral work »Der Menschenmaulwurf« [The Human Mole] or the Concerto for two Pianos and Brass Ensemble can only be realised if patrons and partners are found.