Wolfgang Jacobi Competition

The International Wolfgang Jacobi Competition for Modern Chamber Music is being re-structured. Once the modalities of the competition have been decided, information will be given here. 

The Deutscher Tonkünstlerverband e.V. last organised the competition in November 2003 together with the Munich Hochschule für Musik und Theater. Students of European Colleges of Music and musicians under 30 were invited to demonstrate their ability in the competition for flute/piano and flute/accordion duos. Three prizes were given: 1st prize for flute/piano and two 2nd prizes for flute/accordion.

Winners of the 2003 Competition

Duo Flute and Piano
1st prize (Theresia Reidl Prize): Elena Hribernik, flute and Lukas Maria Kuen, piano 

Duo Flute and Accordion
2nd prize: Barbara Steiner, flute and Andrea Carola Kiefer, accordion 
2nd prize: Pablo Goldstoff, flute and Anne-Maria Hollmach, accordion 

Photo (from the left): Pablo Goldstoff and Anne-Maria Hollmach, Elena Hribernik and Lukas Maria Kuen, Barbara Steiner and Andrea Carola Kiefer

Winners of the 2002 Competition

Duo Saxophone and Piano
1st prize (Theresia Reidl Prize): Johannes Johansson, saxophone and Magnus Sköld, piano
2nd prize: Ties Mellema, saxophone and Wijnand van Klaveren, piano
3rd prize: Wardy Hamburg, saxophone and Nageeb Gardizi, piano

Preisträger 2002

Photo (from the left): Carina Raschèr (member of the jury), Wijnand van Klaveren, Ties Mellema, Wardy Hamburg, Mark Mast (member of the jury), Nageeb Gardizi, Helmut Rohm (member of the jury), Johannes Johansson, Magnus Sköld and Daniel Gauthier (member of the jury)

Winners of the 2001 Competition

Piano Duo
2nd prize: Nóra Emödy and Ahmed Abou Zahra (Horus Piano Duo), piano
2nd prize: Nicoletta and Angela Feola, piano
3rd prize: Vadim and Igor Palmov, piano

Solo Accordion
2nd prize: Ivana Dvořáková, accordion
2nd prize: Tomaž Marčič, accordion
3rd prize: Vladimir Blagojević, accordion

Preisträger 2001

Photo (from the left): Vadim and Igor Palmov, Nóra Emödy and Ahmed Abou Zahra, Nicoletta and Angela Feola, Ivana Dvořáková, Vladimir Blagojević and Tomaž Marčič

Winners of the 2000 Competition

Duo Saxophone and Piano
1st prize: Markus Maier, saxophone and Margarita Oganesjan, piano
3rd prize: Christian Segmehl, saxophone and Sun Hyung Kim, piano

Duo Violin and Piano
3rd prize: Felix Froschhammer, violin and Julia Froschhammer, piano

Duo Viola and Piano
3rd prize: Yuta Nishiyama, viola and Jee-Hyun Kim, piano

Preisträger 2000

Photo (from the left): Markus Maier and Margarita Oganesjan, Jee-Hyun Kim and Yuta Nishiyama, Julia and Felix Froschhammer, Sun Hyung Kim and Christian Segmehl