Archival Holdings


All the photographs in the Jacobi Collection have now been catalogued and digitised. There are 192 photographs with 171 motifs.
These are listed in two categories:
Category A: Loose photographs
Category B: Photographs glued on to sheets of paper and annotated
The PDF document: Jacobi-Foto-Archiv (pic) provides a photographical survey
The relevant information about the catalogued images is to be found in the PDF:
Jacobi-Foto-Archiv (txt)

Using the combination Ctr+F you can search in the file for names, places, dates etc.

If you are interested in any of the photos mentioned, you are welcome to contact us, but please give the number of the image in question.

Category A (Selected images)


The photographs show:
A0001: Oskar and Sophie Jacobi, Wolfgang Jacobi’s parents
A0025a: Wolfgang Jacobi as a small boy with sailing boat and dachshund
A0032: Wolfgang Jacobi as a soldier with a sculpture in his hands, 1916
A0047: View of Lake Garda with Castello Scaligero
A0056: Wolfgang Jacobi with daughter Ursula in the garden of his Munich home, 1949
A0063: Wolfgang Jacobi with Sigurd M. Raschèr and Leonard Hokanson
A0065b: Wolfgang Jacobi, 1956
A0082a: Wolfgang Jacobi, 1972

Category B (Selected images)


The photographs show:
B0019: Wolfgang Jacobi in conversation with Joseph Haas and Benno Ziegler, 1954
B0032: Wolfgang Jacobi and Paul Hindemith, 1955
B0037: Wolfgang Jacobi with Günter Bialas, Karl Marx and Karl Norbert Schmid in Darmstadt,
B0046: Wolfgang Jacobi with Alfons Ott and Philippine Schick, 1958
B0050: Wolfgang Jacobi with Ida Coppola and Gherardo Macarini-Carmignani in Venice, 1958
B0062: Wolfgang Jacobi sitting at his desk, 1963
B0072: Accordion Orchestra from Ascoli Piceno conducted by Dolores Allemani, 1966
B0080: Wolfgang Jacobi with friends after attending a concert, 1967

Please note: Further interesting photographs of Wolfgang Jacobi and other contemporary Munich musicians of the 1950s can be seen in the Fotoarchiv Timpe of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. If you click on the following link bildarchiv.bsb-muenchen.de and search for Wolfgang Jacobi, you will currently find about 40 images taken by the photographer Felicitas Timpe. Nearly one third of these are also in the Jacobi archive.

Further results of the work on the Wolfgang Jacobi Family Archive will be published here as soon as they become available.